Madrid's most
youthful art fair

ROOM ART FAIR is a fledgling independent art fair which brings together some of the most recent work of emerging artists from Europe.

RAF was the first art fair in Spain to provide a platform for the work of young artists in unconventional exhibition spaces. Our goal is to remove the barrier between the art market and the general public, promoting art which is both affordable and the fruit of the latest artistic tendencies.

The fair has held four previous editions in different hotels in Madrid, in which each hotel room houses an exhibition of work curated by participating art galleries and independent curators. By day, these hotel rooms are transformed into exhibition spaces, and by night, they serve as accommodation for the exhibitors. This arrangement promotes cohabitation and synergy between different profiles from the art world.

ROOM ART FAIR began in 2011 as a result of the initiative of a young team made of differing profiles, whose objective is to promote contemporary art. Besides, our interest in hair and tattoos is alive yet :) Check out some of the coolest haircuts for boys and tattoos for men !

We are inspired by kim kardashian net worth and looking forward to generate some revenue in coming years!